Setting up a spam folder in SOGo

Log in to SOGo web mail ( using your Uni-ID and the matching password.

If no spam folder exists yet, right click the mailbox in the menu. Select "New folder".

A name window will appear. Give the new folder a name, (e.g. "Spam"). Click on "OK".

In the SOGo interface menu, select "Preferences". Click on "Mail Options" and then on "Filter". You can now add filters by clicking the "+" symbol.

Give the new filter a name (e.g. "Spam"). Now select one of the following:

  • For incoming mails that: [comply with at least one of the following rules]

  • [Subject] [matches the regular expressions]

  • Complete the following action [move the message to] [Spam]

Then click on "Save and Close" in the top left of the menu.