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University websites

Since 2006, the URZ has hosted a content management system in coordination with the University's Communications and Marketing department. The websites of Heidelberg University and other organizations associated with the University are presented in a uniform corporate design through the CMS. All websites can be easily edited through a web interface. More than a thousand editors and admins from many institutes and organizations use the CMS to manage websites in over 10 different languages. In coordination with the respective IT representative, each University work group can join the system.

Target group

  • University employees
  • IT representatives


University employees & IT representatives

  • Simple publication of texts, their translations and images on the web
  • Versatile website design
  • Clear and comprehensible content management
  • Availability of web analytics
  • Ability to set up URL redirections

Access and requirements

Each working group can connect to the system by consulting with their designated IT representative, as long as their institute or institution is already a part of the system. In order to maintain the website's homogeneity, we aim to avoid splitting it into overly small entities. New editors and administrators may be appointed by the appropriate web admins or IT representatives.

Technical information

The University Computing Centre is collaborating with the University's Communications and Marketing department on the migration from Imperia web content management system to Drupal e.V. web content management system. Heidelberg University's main website was successfully transferred to the new system in June 2019. Part of this project is the implementation of Drupal for the decentralized institutions at the University.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I set up a URL redirect?

In cooperation with the University's Communications and Marketing department we create URL redirects Web pages hidden in the depths of the University's website can be accessed more easily by means of redirection, e.g. by setting up a simplified forwarding URL like http://www.uni-heidelberg.de/my_term. Website administrators can request a URL redirect at the Communications and Marketing department. Once the request has been approved by the department, we will create the URL redirect for you.