ServiceClient Backup

Data storage for workstation computers

Regular backup of your workstation computer can protect against data loss in the event of hardware malfunction or security breaches.

Data backup can be set up with the service Client Backup: Important data from workstations is stored as a backup on the URZ servers. The backup is performed using the Duplicati open-source software, which must be installed on the computer intended for backup.

FYI: To backup servers, the service Server Backup is available.

Target group

  • University employees
  • Doctoral candidates


University employees and doctoral students

  • Regular, background backup of important research and work data on the University servers.
  • Easy restoration of backups in the event of data loss on your local computer (for example, due to hardware defects or malware, e.g. ransomware).

Access and requirements

Using the object storage is only possible with a Uni ID and is only for employees. An explicit activation of the service is not necessary.

To perform regular backups, the Duplicati software must be installed. Duplicati is available for Windows, MacOS and Linux. You can find a description of how to set up the software in the how-to "Back up workstations with Duplicati".

The most important settings in brief for those in a hurry:

  • Storage type: SFTP (SSH)
  • Server: client-backups.urz.uni-heidelberg.de
  • Port: 2222 (only accessible from the University network. Use the University VPN if necessary)
  • Username: Uni ID
  • Password: The matching password

Technical information

Data backup via Duplicati is encrypted and incremental. The backups are compressed.