ServiceServer Backup

Data storage for servers

Incidents such as hardware defects or hacking attacks can lead to server data corruption or data loss. With the help of automatic backups, server data can be quickly and reliably restored.

For this reason, the URZ is equipped with a high-performance storage system, which also allows data to be restored. Server data is saved via the software IBM Spectrum Protect (ISP). IBM Spectrum Protect is available for all common operating systems and can be download using the link below.

Note: For securing workplace computers (laptops, PCs),  the service Client Backup is available.

Target group

  • University employees


University employees

  • Back up important server data to prevent data corruption or data loss.

Access and requirements

Heidelberg University employees can use this backup service. Since this is a paid service, assignment to a cost center is necessary.

Application and registration

  1. Access to the service must be requested for each cost center via the linked from, Request Form A.
  2. After filling out the form, you will receive a letter with a cost absorption declaration (Erklärung der Kostenübernahme) in the mail. This declaration must be signed and stamped before it is sent back to the URZ.
  3. In this form, you will be assigned an acronym for your archiving projects that allows you to register one or more servers for the backup service. The registration of servers is done via Request Form B. This acronym is used mainly to assign the server to the cost center.

Technical information

This service is managed by the software IBM Spectrum Protect (ISP).


This is a paid service. The costs are calculated on the basis of the storage space that is actually used (See Price sheet - URZ login required), and they are invoiced semi-annually, i.e. every six months.