Development environment for measurement, control and automation technology

LabVIEW is a graphic software development environment from National Instruments and is used for creating measurement, test, control and rule applications. The Academic Site License (ASL) includes the LabVIEW Professional Development System, TestStand, LabWindows/CVI, Measurement Studio (.NET Tools) and DIAdem, as well as almost all LabVIEW modules and toolkits.

Target group

  • Employees of the institutes participating in the license:
    • Institute of Environmental Physics (IUP)
    • Kirchhoff Institute for Physics (KIP)
    • Physikalisch-Chemisches Institut (PCI) (The Institute of Physical Chemistry)
    • The Physikalisches Institute (PHYSI)
    • Institute of Sports and Sports Sciences (ISSW)


Possible uses according to the developers:

  • Development of measurement solutions
  • Validation and verification of electronic circuits
  • Development of production test systems
  • Development of smart machines and industrial systems
  • and much more.

Access and requirements

If an institution wishes to take part in the license, a financial contribution to the licensing costs is required. The Institute of Environmental Physics is responsible for license administration. The contact person for those interested in participating in the license is Dr. Reinhold Bayer. Technical questions about the license package can be answered by Dr. Markus Buchner of ISSW. Please understand that we can only answer inquiries from institutions of Heidelberg University regarding the Academic Site License. Comprehensive support for developers is offered by National Instruments.

The complete software package is made available for download to the participating institutes as a ZIP file immediately after each new version is released. The software may only be used for university-related teaching and research purposes.