Professional-quality drawing and editing of chemical structures

ChemDraw is a software for drawing chemical structures. These structures can be used in database queries, in the creation of publication-quality graphics and as output data for modeling and other graphical programs (e.g. Chem 3D Pro) that require electronic descriptions of molecules and reactions.

The ChemDraw/Excel included in the distribution package enables the creation of chemically intelligent tables in an Excel environment. You can create and edit chemical structures in Excel, calculate chemical properties and search databases. The package also includes the software Mnova Lite CDE.

Target group

The University license for ChemDraw can be used by:

  • Chemistry students with a @stud.uni-heidelberg.de email address.
  • Individuals who have a Uni ID and one of the following email addresses:
    • @aci.uni-heidelberg.de
    • @oci.uni-heidelberg.de
    • @pci.uni-heidelberg.de
    • @iwr.uni-heidelberg.de
    • @medma.uni-heidelberg.de
    • @med.uni-heidelberg.de

Other institutes can also utilize the ChemDraw license in return for a share of the costs. If you are interested, please contact the IT Service.


  • Creation of professional visualizations of chemical structures, e.g. for scientific papers and publications

Access and requirements

If you belong to one of the authorized groups, you can apply for a license with the linked form. If you experience problems logging in even though you have authorization, contact the IT Service.

Technical information

ChemDraw is available for Windows and MacOS.