Service3D Printing

Printing three-dimensional models for study, research and teaching

The 3D printing service at the Computing Centre can create three-dimensional models for your studies, research or teaching projects. The 3D printer creates your model, layer by layer, with the help of ColorJet Printing, which also allows for the printing of complex, multicolored models. Overall, 3D printing offers an efficient alternative to other modeling methods like casting or milling.

The Computing Centre's 3D printing service prints your 3D model on a ProJet 460 Plus from 3D Systems. You can print models with a build volume of up to  H20 x L25 x W20 cm. The file formats STL, VRML and PLY are supported.

Depending on the complexity of your order, the printed model will be ready to be picked up after approximately 3-5 workdays.

Target group

  • Students
  • University employees
  • Doctoral candidates
  • Researchers


  • Effective, three-dimensional visualizations of multicolored models for study, research and teaching projects
  • Rapid manufacturing of prototypes and appearance models
  • Suitable for the creation of concept models (communication models, design iterations, ...) and simulation models (surgical procedures, FEA analysis, assembly visualization, ergonomics, ...)

Access and requirements

The printer can only be used for study and research related purposes. If you would like to print a model, you can request an order via the linked web form. You will then receive a consultation and a cost estimate for your model as well as an assessment of whether the printing of your model could encounter any problems, (breakage, etc.).

General questions can also be answered by telephone or e-mail:

Telephone: +49 6221 54-20111

E-mail: 3d-service@urz.uni-heidelberg.de


The cost and time required for printing is dependent upon the size of the requested model. Billing of the order takes place at pick up - employees will receive a bill; students pay directly with their Campus Card. Unfortunately, we cannot accept cash payments.

Please be aware that we will still send you a bill if the model breaks during printing due to structural problems. In order to avoid this, please make use of our consultation services prior to printing.

Technical information

The 3D printing is done with a ProJet 460 Plus from 3D Systems. The printer is equipped with effective and reliable CJP technology (CJP = ColorJet Printing = powder with ink and binder).

Supported file formats

STL Format
STL Format (STereoLithography) is the standard export format of many CAD systems and 3D graphics programs. It provides geometric information for three-dimensional data models. These models can only be one color.

 VRML/WRL Format
VRML is a description language, which allows for the modeling of any three-dimensional and multicolored objects. A VRML file has the extension “wrl” and can generally be created and edited in a simple text editor.

PLY Format
The Polygon file format, also known as the Stanford  Triangle Format, is characterized by its ease of use due to its flexible representation of 3D models. In addition to saving the geometry of an object, it can save other data (e.g. edges, cells, color values or materials).

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I select the printing material?
No, unfortunately that is not possible. Our printing service does not have a printer for plastic objects (FDM processes) at our disposal. You can only have models printed using the ColorJet printing process (ink and binder).
Can the 3D printing service create or finish a model for me?
Unfortunately, we cannot offer model creation or finishing.
Can I finish the model myself?
Yes, with solvent free paints and varnishes. A limited amount of sanding, drilling and gluing is also  possible.
What are things I should be aware of when creating a 3D model?
The model should be physically and structurally stable and self-supporting. It is also important to note that shear, lever and compressive forces can occur at different stages during the manufacturing process. The 3D printing service team is happy to consult with you about these matters beforehand.
Are the 3D models heat-resistant?
No, unfortunately they are not.
Is the 3D model water-resistant?
No, unfortunately they are not.
Can the 3D model be subjected to mechanical stress?
No, unfortunately that is not possible.
Can the 3D models be disinfected?
No, unfortunately that is not possible.
Is the 3D model UV-resistant?
No, unfortunately they are not.
Can the 3D models be used under laboratory conditions?
No, unfortunately that is not possible.