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Extend Zoom X licence before 15.12.2023

To ensure that you can use your Zoom X licence without interruption, you should place your order for renewal via the digital order form by 15.12.2023. This applies to both the “Zoom X Education Meeting” licence and all add-ons to the meeting licence (e.g. "Webinar 500"). We cannot guarantee uninterrupted operation for orders that are not received by 15 December 2023. Orders placed after 15 December have delivery times of up to 6 weeks.
Order form Zoom X licence period March 2024-2025

Collaboration platform and conferencing tool for employees provided by Zoom and Deutsche Telekom

Zoom X is a collaboration and conferencing service. This service is provided by Deutsche Telekom GmbH in cooperation with Zoom Communications Inc. and offers the same user interface and applications as Zoom, hosted on servers in Germany. There will be no changes to the login or the client, and meetings can be held the same way as before.

Employees can obtain the following licenses for a fee:

  • Zoom X Education (Meeting license) 
    With Zoom X Education, you can conduct video conferences and online meetings with up to 300 people. There is 500 MB of cloud storage available per license.
  • Zoom X Webinar 500 (add-on to a Meeting license)
    A Zoom X Education meeting license is required to use webinars. Up to 100 interactive video participants and up to 500 guests (view-only) can participate in a webinar.

Target Group

  • University employees


  • Easily create and configure video conferences and online meetings
  • Transfer files, share your screen, and use instant messaging
  • Conveniently invite participants and guests (students or non-university members) with an email link. Meeting participation is possible even without a login.
  • Up to 300 people can simultaneously participate in the video conferences (Zoom X Education meeting license). 500 MB of cloud storage is available per meeting license. 
  • The add-On Zoom X Webinar allows you to host 100 interactive video participants and up to 500 guests (viewers).

Access and Requirements

Employees can obtain a license for the Zoom X Education video conferencing service for a fee. To order, please select your desired licence period, fill out the corresponding online form and submit it. Please note that you must log in with your Uni-ID to order (top right on the form).

  1. Licence period order within remaining term until 04.03.2024
  2. Licence period order from 05.03.2024 - 04.03.2025

Employees who already have a paid Zoom license must first cancel this license in order to be able to order and use Zoom X with their university account. You can learn how to cancel your account on the linked page.

Term and Cost

The term runs from the order date to the end date of the contract year (05.03.2023 until 04.03.2024). You will be notified about the license extension in a timely manner. You can find the exact costs in the linked order form.

Please note: Zoom X Webinar 500 can only be ordered as an add to the meeting license.