ServiceService Card

Multifunctional card for employees

The Service Card is a multifunctional card for Heidelberg University employees . which enables the user to access various services offered by the University Library and the University Computing Centre.
This card does not have a payment function and cannot be used for payment at the University canteens, on public printers and copiers or for other services provided by the Studierendenwerk.

Target group

  • University employees



University employees who have a Uni ID receive a service card for:

  • Use at the central printing, scanning and copy stations at University institutions (not for use on public copiers with a payment function)
  • Use as a timecard (in work areas with electronic time tracking)
  • Use as an ID for the University Library
  • Use as an access card (for institutions that use the University's electronic conditional access system).

Access and requirements

After receiving their Uni ID, new employees can request a Service Card through the University Library (UB) via the linked web form.

To do this, your Uni ID must already be activated.

The card will then be sent to the work address you provided.

If you have already applied for or received your Service Card without the ID card function for the University Library, you can request activation for borrowing from the library by sending an email to ausleihe[at]ub.uni-heidelberg.de.

If you already have an old University Library card, you can initiate a changeover by clicking on the link "Service Card Changeover for Old UB Cards".

Technical Information

In addition to the first and last name of the card owner, there is a unique combination of letters and numbers (e.g. xy123) as well as a card number printed on the Service Card.
You receive a Uni ID upon your employment at Heidelberg University.  There is a chip series number on the card chip.  No further information is saved on the card.