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The results of the University Computing Centre's research projects, collaborations and events are published on a regular basis - primarily in the form of conference transcripts and scientific papers. Conference contributions are also published here. Whenever possible, this content is made available as open access publications and under free license.

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Books and conference transcripts

E-Science-Tage 2019: Data to Knowledge

Vincent Heuveline, Fabian Gebhart, Nina Mohammadianbisheh (eds.)

Digitization provides a new, efficient means of supporting scientific progress. In nearly all fields, modern information systems enable research data to be digitally archived and reused more easily as it is needed. In this day and age, where collective knowledge has reached unprecedented volumes, the systematization of research data is becoming more important than ever.  The E-Science Tage 2019, from which this conference transcript emerged, presented new ways of processing research data and further advanced digital science through the lively exchange of experience and innovations.

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Book cover: E-Science-Tage 2019 - Data to Knowledge

E-Science-Tage 2017: Forschungsdaten managen ("Managing Research Data")

Jonas Kratzke, Vincent Heuveline (eds.)

Methodology, networking and the advancement of scientific knowledge are all mutuallz spurred on by the possibilities of digital research. Modern information systems in particular promote the development of innovative research methods, support virtual collaborations and increase the value of data in the research process.  This conference transcript from the E-Science-Days 2017 provides insight to the current developments in the management of research data.  It presents forward-looking and subject-specific approaches alongside innovative institutional solutions for handling, publishing and archiving research data.

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Book cover: E-Science-Tage 2017: Forschungsdaten managen ("Managing Research Data")

Proceedings of the 3rd bwHPC-Symposium (Heidelberg 2016)

Sabine Richling, Martin Baumann, Vincent Heuveline (eds.)

The bwHPC Syposium is an annual event that takes place as part of the high-performance computing implementation system of Baden-Württemberg (bwHPC). It focuses on  the presentation of the progress and results of scientific computing projects.  Moreover, the event also provides an opportunity for active dialog between users, bwHPC service providers and the bwHPC support teams. This conference transcript includes contributions from lectures and posters of the 3rd bwHCP Symposium, which took place in Heidelberg on the 12th of October 2016.

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Book cover: Proceedings of the 3rd bwHPC-Symposium

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Hochstrasser, T.
Konzeption und Entwicklung eines verteilten Systems zum Sensor Monitoring ("Conception and development of a distributed system for sensor monitoring")
Master thesis, Ruprecht Karl University of Heidelberg, Institute for Computer Science