Public printers and copiers

With the Ricoh-FollowMe printing solution, users can print, copy, and scan documents at many public multifunction devices on campus. The printing solution can be accessed via PC, the web portal, or via a mobile device.

When sending a print job to the Ricoh-FollowMe printing solution, you do not have to pick a particular printer. You can print at every public Ricoh-FollowMe printer or copier located outside the centre. After entering your Uni-ID (or another valid ID) into the login window of a printer or copier, you can see a list of all your documents stored on the central print server. From this list, you can select and print a document. Please do not forget to insert your Campus Card into the card reader attached to the printer, otherwise the printer will not use any paper. Also, make sure the printer or copier is able to produce the demanded print-out. If you want to print a document in colour, use a colour printer or copier. Colour printers or copiers are also able to print black-and-white documents.

You can transmit a print-ready document to the print portal via the Ricoh EveryonePrint website from anywhere in the world. The print portal is able to interpret the following document types and transmit them to the print server:

  • Microsoft Office files
  • OpenOffice/LibreOffice files
  • PDF
  • JPG or JPEG
  • GIF
  • PNG
  • TIF or TIFF
  • BMP
  • TXT

Price list: Ricoh-Follow-Me printing

Type of print Print medium Single page or duplex Cost
Black and white print/copy A4-80g/m² Single page 0,04 EUR
Black and white print/copy A4-80g/m² Duplex 0,08 EUR
Colour print/copy A4-80g/m² Single page 0,23 EUR
Colour print/copy A4-80g/m² Duplex 0,46 EUR
Black and white print/copy A3-80g/m² Single page 0,08 EUR
Black and white print/copy A3-80g/m² Duplex 0,16 EUR
Colour print/copy A3-80g/m² Single page 0,46 EUR
Colour print/copy A3-80g/m² Duplex 0,92 EUR

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