ServiceMicrosoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (MECM)

Centralized installation and administration of Windows PCs in the Heidelberg University domain.

The Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (MECM) - formerly System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) - enables the central administration of PCs and laptops with Windows operating systems if the clients are members of Heidelberg University's Active Directory Domain. MECM can be used to perform automated installation of Windows 10/11 including the standard software package on client systems. The software package maintained by the URZ includes a selection of common applications licensed or freely available to the university. End users can conveniently install software from a secure source via the MECM Software Center installed on the clients, without the need for local administrator rights.

Software and operating system updates can also be automatically distributed on MECM-administrated systems. This makes it possible to ensure that the security status of the systems are kept up to date.

Target group

  • IT representatives
  • University employees


IT representatives

  • Automated and simplified installation of Windows 10/11 and software
  • Automated distribution of Windows security updates and feature upgrades such as software updates


  • Convenient software installation from a secure source via the MECM Software Center (without the need for local admin rights)
  • Additional protection from malware through Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection (SCEP)

Access and requirements

IT representatives can request access to MECM through the IT Service. Every institute interested in using MECM can join. Before an institute can gain access to MECM, a plan should first be drafted ​for how it will be organized at the institute. The MECM team will be happy to assist you in the planning process.

Important points to keep in mind during the planning phase:

  • Is the network bandwidth sufficient for the deployment of the operating system?  In this case, a Gbit connection is required.
  • Is the institute/facility already part of the University's Active Directory? This is a requirement for participation in MECM.
  • Which kinds of devices does the institute/facility have that need to be administrated? To qualify, you must have a current generation of BW PCs with official support for Windows 10/11 from the manufacturer.
  • The distribution of Windows 11 via the MECM is now also possible. Please contact the MECM team in advance via the URZ ticket system.

Employees have access to the Software Center from the Windows Start menu if MECM is being used at their institute/facility and their workstation is appropriately configured.

Technical information

You can find detailed technical and setup information for MECM in the SharePoint space for MECM. Access to this SharePoint space will be granted to the participating institutes and is intended for the respective IT representatives.