29 July 2021 - Collaboration and Digital TeachingNew features for heiCONF: Update to BigBlueButton Version 2.3

An update is bringing many helpful features to the University video conferencing services heiCONF and heiCONF-Audimax. Here you will find an overview of the most important improvements.

News: heiCONF

The software on which heiCONF and heiCONF-Audimax are based, BigBlueButton, has become one of the most significant open source conferencing solutions at schools and universities during the pandemic. Due to its widespread, daily use, a number of feature requests have been made, many of which have now been implemented in the new version 2.3. A complete overview of all new features and changes introduced in BigBlueButton 2.3 can be found in the linked release notes.

The new features have been made available through an update. The user guide for heiCONF(-Audimax) will be updated as soon as possible to reflect these new features. If you encounter any problems using the conferencing systems or have any questions, please feel free to contact the IT Service.

Overview of the most important new features

Maximum number of participants increased to 300

To better support larger events, the maximum number of participants for heiCONF-Audimax conferences has been increased to 300.

Echo test only explicitly activated

heiCONF echo test will only be done, if the audio connection is canceled and reconnected manually.

No audio hint for the last person in the room

“You are the only person in this conference” audio hint is now removed.

Audio source can be changed during the conference

Changing the audio source during a conference (e.g. from the integrated microphone to a headset microphone) is now possible by clicking the earpiece icon found in the control bar below the presentation view. It is no longer necessary to leave and reenter the conference.

News: heiCONF_2

Improved “raise hand” feature

A new button has been added in the lower right corner to “raise your hand” in a conference, allowing users to indicate if they have a question or comment. Presenters now have the option of receiving an audio as well as a visual notification when someone raises their hand.

News: heiCONF_3

Popup notification when mic is muted

If you start speaking while the mic is muted, a popup notification will remind you to unmute.

News: heiCONF_4

Improved presentation management

Presentations can now be uploaded in the background of a meeting, allowing participants to rejoin the conversation while the presentation is still being processed. If multiple presentations have been uploaded, presenters can easily switch between the different files using the plus icon located below the presentation view.


News: heiCONF_5

Network connection status display

The status of your network connection is now displayed via a bar icon in the upper right corner. Clicking on the icon also opens a dialog box in which you can deactivate your webcam or audio connection if your connection is poor. Presenters can also use the settings icon (gear icon above the participant list) to open an overview showing the connection status of all participants.


News: heiCONF_6

More dynamic surveys

Surveys now allow users to create their own response options and enter free text responses.

News: heiCONF_6

Improved whiteboard

Whiteboard privileges can now be assigned to individual users. Whiteboard performance has also been improved.

News: heiCONF_7

Alternative layout of video and presentation view

In order to display presentations in a larger size and thus make them easier to read, the video images of the participants are displayed to the right or left of the presentation, depending on the available screen space.


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