01 December 2023 - High Performance ComputingNew Authorization Management for the bwHPC Computer Cluster

One must be granted permission in advance to use the university's high-performance computers. This prevents misuse and ensures compliance with applicable laws, such as export controls. This process has now been simplified thanks to an online tool developed by the FIRE team at the URZ. The university approval group has also been expanded.

Futuristic reprenstation of a binary chain with the bwHPC Logo

The new bwHPC Entitlements Service is available on heiSERVICES, linked here, and it offers a number of improvements. 

  • From now on, there is only one application for two authorizations:
    The authorization for the bwForCluster and for the bwUniCluster can be requested together and in a single process.
  • All professors can grant authorization:
    Previously, only institute/department      heads and individually appointed representatives were approved to manage authorizations. Applications can now be approved by all professors at Heidelberg University.
  • The medical faculties are also on board:
    Users from both medical faculties are now also able to apply for authorizations without restriction.
  • More flexible authorization periods:
    Employees can now select a flexible usage period of up to three years. Students can receive authorization until the end of the next semester, i.e., for one year.
  • Significantly improved usability: 
    The use of a modern web framework makes it possible to provide a tool with a high level of user-friendliness Feedback from users on the previous tools has been taken into account. In addition, the meaning of the authorizations and their legal bases have 

This is how to request authorization

Effective immediately, authorizations can now be requested with the heiSERVICES online toll, which is accessible within the Heidelberg University network. bwHPC Entitlements are a pre-requisite to successfully register for the bwForCluster and the bwUniCluster. The full procedure is described in the linked bwHPC wiki.

The bwForCluster and bwUniCluster entitlements, which were requested through the old tools, will be valid until 31.01.2024 at the latest. If you need access to the bwHPC clusters after this time, you should request the authorization(s) using the new tool in a timely manner.

Authorization via new tool guarantees legally compliance

High performance computers are exceptionally powerful tools that can be used in academia – they can also be misused. Their use is therefore subject to certain legal requirements, for example to ensure compliance with security regulations. In granting authorization, the authorized parties confirm that the clusters are being used in compliance with the law as defined by the Foreign Trade and Payments Act (AWG, Außenwirtschaftsgesetzes) and the Foreign Trade and Payments Ordinance (AWV, Außenwirtschaftsverordnung).