08 December 2022 - Carrier and Training at the URZLeading the Way from Training into the Workforce

In July, Marco Moock completed his training as an IT specialist in the field of systems integration at the University Computing Centre and at the beginning of November, he was honored by the IHK for his outstanding performance. Now, the top-ranked IT specialist in the Rhine-Neckar Chamber of Industry and Commerce is working at the URZ in the email department. We extend our congratulations to him and are proud of our trainee’s achievements. 

It's a full house at the Congress Center Rosengarten on November 7 - the Rhine-Neckar Chamber of Industry and Commerce honors the year's top exam scorers in Mannheim. Among the most successful graduates is Marco Moock, who started his training as an IT specialist in system integration at the Computing Centre, completing it within two years instead of three and with outstanding marks. 

Even before arriving at the URZ, he had already been working with computers, particularly server services, and through his education, he was able to gain broader insight into the varied and multi-layered technologies used by workers, students, and researchers every day at the university. The former trainee was particularly interested in the area of network technology and working with Linux. He was also excited to have the opportunity to try out some new things. 

Several people standing on a stage with an award in their hands

Marco Moock now works as an URZ employee in the email department, processes tickets from users with IT problems and manages the Computing Centre's email and listserv servers, among other tasks. There's a lot to do in university IT, especially in regards to the communication medium email: With approximately 270,000 emails sent and received per day, the URZ is particularly thrilled to have competent and dedicated colleagues. And of course, we are all immensely proud of this highly capable addition to the team.

Several people standing in the University's Old Auditorium and looking at the camera

The URZ as a training center for IT specialists 

Heidelberg University is an important regional training center and offers annual apprenticeships for eight different professions; about 90 young people are currently undergoing training. The URZ is one of three university training centers for IT specialists in the field of systems integration.

Would you like to become an IT specialist and get to know the multifaceted professional world of university IT? Then apply now to start your training on 01.09.2023. You can find more information about the training content and requirements under the accompanying link.