20 January 2022 – CollaborationheiCONF Update Introduces New Features and Performance Improvements

New features for the new year: A recent update for the University's videoconferencing service heiCONF will bring greater performance and a variety of usability improvements. The service's underlying open source software BigBlueButton has been updated in version 2.4. The following is an overview of some of its most notable new features.

  • Virtual backgrounds: A virtual background can now be activated for your webcam image. In addition to a blur effect, there are a variety of University backgrounds available.
Ein Dialogfenster aus heiCONF mit der Überschrift „Webcameinstellungen“ zeigt einen Mann vor verschwommenem Hintergrund und eine Auswahl an verschiedenen virtuellen Hintergründen
  • Improved configuration of breakout rooms: Breakout rooms for small group discussions can be given customized names. If the groups in already established breakout rooms need more time, the runtime of the existing rooms can be easily extended.
heiCONF-Update auf BBB v2.4 - Breakout-Räume
  • More individual layout options: There are now significantly more options for arranging presentation and camera images. Presenters can also preset the layout for all participants, if desired.
heiCONF-Update auf BBB v2.4 - Layout-Modus
  • Learning Analytics Dashboard: This dashboard allows presenters to see at a glance how often and in what ways participants have contributed during the session.
heiCONF-Update auf BBB v2.4 - Lern-Dashboard
  • Anonymous surveys: Survey responses can be submitted completely anonymously. The way survey results are displayed in the chat has also been improved.
heiCONF-Update auf BBB v2.4 - Anonyme Umfragen
  • Usability improvements: The “mirror effect” when sharing one's screen has been removed, chat messages from moderators are more distinctly labeled, you can now see which participants have their webcam activated, and much more.
heiCONF-Update auf BBB v2.4 - Usability-Verbesserungen
  • Overall better performance: The use of new software for the automated management of incoming and outgoing media streams (webcam videos and screensharing) should noticeably improve heiCONF's performance.
Zeichnung einer Hand, die mit dem Zeigefinger auf eine fliegende Rakete zeigt

You can find a detailed description of all improvements and bug fixes Bugfixes in BigBlueButton 2.4 in the linked blog post.