21 April 2021 - Collaboration and digital teachingheiBOX Update: Improvements in the updated version 7.1.15.

In addition to several bug fixes, a recent, minor heiBOX update introduces a number of new features that make working with the sync-and-share service easier and increase user-friendliness.

heiBOX Logo. The University seal in a box.

New features increase user-friendliness

Overview of the improvements:

  • Email address displayed when sharing
    When setting up user sharing, email addresses will now be displayed to better distinguish between people with the same name. This will be further optimized in future updates to ensure that the most relevant email address will always be displayed.
  • Library owners can lift all file locks
    Library owners can now unlock all files in a library (not just their own).
  • Adding group members using .xlsx files
    Group members can now be imported via .xlsx file - this is a real time-saver, especially for sharing with larger groups, as you don't have to add each user individually.
  • Creating Web API Auth Tokens
    You can now obtain a Web API Auth Token through your own profile. This is useful, for instance, if you want to automate large tasks. English documentation about this is available on the linked website.
  • Improved print view of Markdown files in Firefox
    A frequently reported bug in the print view of Markdown documents under Firefox has been fixed; they can now be printed in their entirety.

heiBOX is a secure, cost-free cloud service locally hosted by the University Computing Centre. It can be used for collaboration within the University and with external cooperative partners. Its core functions are storing, synchronizing, sharing, publishing and collaborative editing of files. The service is accessible to all employees, doctoral candidates, instructors and students with their Uni ID, as well as to external users via independently administered guest accounts.