12 May 2022 - CloudheiBOX: Improvements thanks to new login process

The login to the heiBOX sync-and-share cloud service will now be conducted through the Active Directory (AD) rather than via Shibboleth – a technical change that also makes working with heiBOX easier for regular users and includes a few new features.

Few changes on the front end: As before, heiBOX can be used through the web interface or the Seafile desktop and mobile clients. Only the login will look a little different: Instead of the familiar Shibboleth login, you will now see a popup window where you will need to enter your username (Uni ID) and password. Neu feature: You can login with your simple Uni ID (xy123) or its long form (xy123[at]uni-heidelberg.de - replace [at] with @).

Looking at the details, however, the switch of the heiBOX login to Active Directory comes with some improvements:

  • All Uni ID users can be found directly in heiBOX: Previously, users needed to have logged in to heiBOX at least once for another user to be able to find them, for example, in order to share a library. The switch to AD means that from now on all users with a Uni ID are automatically listed in heiBOX, regardless of whether they have previously logged in or not. This allows for easy sharing with new students or employees even before they have used heiBOX for the first time.
  • Guest accounts for new students no longer necessary: In the past, many instructors created guest accounts for new students, as these students could not yet be found in heiBOX - an understandable approach, but one that is no longer necessary. From now on, all enrolled students can be found in heiBOX directly after they receive their Uni ID and can receive share requests. Guest accounts for @stud.uni-heidelberg.de email addresses will therefore be disabled to prevent the creation of unwanted duplicate accounts. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.
  • Two-factor authentication possible: Those who would like to add extra security to access heiBOX can now activate two-factor authentication for the service. This involves requesting a “second factor” - e.g. a PIN generated by an external app - after the standard login with your Uni ID and password. Therefore, even if someone gains access to your login details, they will not be able to access your heiBOX due to two-factor authentication. This authentication must be repeated once at least every 30 days.

Do you need help with logging in, setting up two-factor authentication or are you an IT representative that needs help integrating heiBOX with your PC Pool computers? Then feel free to contact the IT service with these and any other questions. They will be happy to advise you personally or refer you to our cloud experts.

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