5 February 2020 - CollaborationheiBOX for Students: 10 GB of cloud storage for free

The Heidelberg University Computing Centre made some room for your data: 10 GB of heiBOX cloud storage are now available for you. With heiBOX, you can access your data from anywhere and keep them synchronous on your smartphone or laptop. In addition, you can share and collaboratively edit files with other students or your professor.

Stylized network of cloud symbols

Besides, you do not have to worry about the safe transmission of your data because it is possible to encrypt your data with a password. Please note that you are the sole owner of this password. So, if you lose your password, no one will be able to read your data again. For this reason, please keep your password safe.

And if you have accidentally deleted your files, do not panic! They can be recovered up to 30 days after their deletion.

Also interesting: Your data is stored on servers in Heidelberg. This means that you always know where your data is.

You want to try out heiBOX? Then go to the heiBOX login page and sign in with your Uni-ID.