6 August 2021 - 2021 Job Training Completion at the URZFrom Job Training Straight into the First Job

In July, Lucia Mareck and Marius Scholl successfully completed their training at the University and will now support the University Computing Centre as professional staff members. We congratulate them on this accomplishment and are looking forward to continuing to work with them!

For Lucia Mareck, the Computing Centre was the final station in her training as an office management assistant. Previously, she had worked in six different departments, learning the many and varied tasks of university administration. She particularly enjoyed this variety: “I think it's great that as a trainee you go to many departments, can work there independently and get to know a lot about the structure of each individual department.”

At the Computing Centre, she provided accounting support to the central office. Lucia Mareck will continue to perform this role as an URZ employee; she would also like to learn about new areas and further her professional development.

Lucia Mareck

Marius Scholl completed his training as an IT specialist in the field of systems integration at the University Computing Centre, familiarizing himself with the wide variety of duties and responsibilities associated with university IT. Like Lucia Mareck, he views the versatility of university and science-related IT as a major advantage for trainees: “Training at the University Computing Centre allows you to gain insight into many areas of information technology - network services, identity management, cloud computing and so much more.”

Already during his training, the area of network services developed into a main point of interest for him, and now, as a URZ employee, he will be responsible for DNS and DHCP server administration and support the expansion and maintenance of switches and routers, in addition to other tasks.

Marius Scholl

Training under extraordinary circumstances

For both trainees, the coronavirus pandemic presented a unique challenge. Social interaction in the workplace and in the classroom was severely limited and often could only be maintained virtually - not an easy situation for either the trainees or the instructors. “It was very important for us to work in person as much as possible while complying with hygiene regulations in order to ensure an authentic and fruitful training experience,” explains Dr. Carina Ortseifen, training manager for IT specialists at the URZ. “It's all the more gratifying that our trainees worked with so much enthusiasm despite all the adversity in the last two years of the pandemic and were able to successfully complete their training.”

The URZ - A training center for IT specialists

Heidelberg University is an important regional training center and offers annual apprenticeships in ten different occupational fields. The URZ is one of three university training centers for IT specialists in the field of systems integration.

Would you like to become an IT specialist and get to know the multifaceted professional world of university IT? Then apply now to start your training on 01.09.2022. You can find more information about the training content and requirements under the accompanying link.