03. June 2022 - Service announcementFollina vulnerability in Microsoft Office - recommendations and workaround

A critical vulnerability (the so-called Follina vulnerability) in Microsoft Office products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) allows the propagation and execution of malware. The vulnerability can be exploited by using a prepared Office file (e.g., Word, Excel or .rtf files). Therefore, always open e-mail attachments from trusted sources only and, if necessary, ask the sender whether the message was actually sent by this person! We generally recommend using heiBOX as an alternative to email attachments for exchanging Office files.

More detailed information about the vulnerability and a temporary workaround that you can use to protect an Office installation as an administrator can be found on the website of the bwInfoSec federation (see link).

You opened a malicious attachment or encountered any other security issue? Don not hesitate to contact the University Computer Center and let us help you. At best, you will protect your data and the university's IT infrastructure.