09. February 2023 – Research Data ManagementData Hour: Digital lecture series on research data management

The lecture series 'Data Hour' continues with exciting topics: Comprehensive research data management (RDM) has become indispensable in science thanks to the higher efficiency, accessibility, sustainable usability and verifiability of research it provides. The series is organised by the Competence Centre for Research Data (KFD), a joint service facility of the University Library and the University Computer Centre, which advises and supports researchers in archiving and publishing research data.

Dreidimensionale Wellen aus Binärzahlen mit Data Hour Logo

In many disciplines, research results in the accumulation of extensive digital data: From laboratory values and survey data to texts, videos, bibliographies or software used. The data must be archived, organised and accessible to the research community throughout its lifecycle to ensure sustainable traceability of the research.

In the monthly 'Data Hour' webinars, experts provide important information on research data management, present tools and answer questions. Researchers and those responsible for RDM are cordially invited to attend the presentations, receive advice and make contacts.

No registration necessary

You can easily participate via the university video conferencing service heiCONF over the link provided, no registration is necessary. Additional information can be found in the KFD calendar of events or via the respective links of the webinars.

Additional information

You can find more information about RDM on the page of the Competence Centre for Research Data (KFD) and on the linked website forschungsdaten.info. The KFD is a joint service facility of the University Library and the Heidelberg University Computing Centre. The KFD offers central services for archiving and publishing research data in order to support the members of the university in the best possible way in the comprehensive and uniform management of research data.

Every two years, the interdisciplinary conference series E-Science Days around RDM and Open Science takes place in Heidelberg. This year, registration is open until 10 February.