Mobile phones

The URZ handles all mobile phone contracts for Heidelberg University employees. By participating in framework agreements, we can procure all mobile phone services at a reasonable price. We finalize mobile phone contracts that comprise calls, data and texting. Apart from handling new contracts, we also remind you when your contract is about to be extended.

A mobile phone contract needs to be ordered by letter, is then signed by your budget manager and sent back to us. Please indicate the price per month on your application so that the budget manager is informed of the arising costs.

The current framework agreement only covers plans without devices. Mobile devices will have to be bought seperately. Please contact the telephone representative of your institute to learn more about the conditions of the framework agreement with Vodafone. For additional advice, please contact Petra Lukan (Tel. 20104) at the URZ, who handles all mobile phone contracts.

The procurement of mobile devices (mobile phones, smartphones, tablets) is described in the “General Information on the Procurement of Devices” (German: Allgemeine Informationen zur Endgerätbeschaffung), which you can receive from your telephone representative. When choosing a device, please use the current Vodafone range of mobile phones and hardware as a guideline. For budget reasons, you have to pick the device with the lowest storage capacity (GB) available for a specific device type. Hardware orders with a higher storage capacity need to be justified in a written statement.

Important: Please contact Petra Lukan to make sure that you receive a SIM card matching your hardware. She can also help you avoid excessive bills by choosing a plan suitable to your needs.

If you need information or advice on devices or contract conditions, or if you have questions about your bill, feel free to contact us. If necessary, we can also contact the partners of the framework agreement.

Reporting technical problems or a lost/stolen phone

Please get in touch with our IT-Service if you encounter any problems.

In urgent cases or outside of our working hours, please call the Vodafone hotline: +49 (0) 800 1721234

If you lost your phone or if your phone was stolen, contact Vodafone and have them block your SIM card immediately (this service is free of charge) and get in touch with us.


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