HPC support

We offer general support for HPC users at Heidelberg University in the following areas:

  • software optimisation and parallelisation
  • provision of software on the HPC resources in Heidelberg and on other bwHPC systems
  • migration of desktop projects into cluster systems
  • migration to higher performance levels
  • assistance with applications for computing time on high performance systems
  • procurement of computing clusters in cooperation with the department of IT Strategy and Planning and the info centre IT Energy Efficiency

Once a semester, our support team meets up with new and existing HPC users at the Community Forum Data-Intensive Computing (DIC). Join us to learn more about our HPC systems and HPC services and to get to know other users.

In the scope of the project bwHPC-C5, we also offer subject-specific HPC support.

Im Rahmen des Projekts bwHPC-C5 wird darüber hinaus fachspezifische Unterstützung rund um das Thema Hochleistungsrechnen angeboten.

If you have any questions or need assistance, simply send us an email: hpc-support@urz.uni-heidelberg.de

Nutzertreffen - Community Forum Data-Intensive Computing (DIC)

Das Community Forum Data-Intensive Computing (DIC) ist ein Austausch- und Informationstreffen für bestehende und zukünftige Nutzer/innen von Data-Intensive Computing Diensten der Universität Heidelberg. Darunter fallen der Landesdienst SDS@hd - Scientific Data Storage zur Speicherung wissenschaftlicher Daten als auch die bwHPC-Rechenressourcen.
Interessenten können auch selbständig die E-Mail-Liste CF-DIC abonnieren.

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