Cooperation & cloud functionality - hosted safely

heiBOX is a secure cloud service available free of charge and hosted locally by the university computing centre for collaboration both within the university and with external partners. Core functions include storage, synchronisation, sharing, publication and joint editing of files. The service is available to all employees, doctoral candidates, teachers and students via their Uni-ID, as well as external users via independently managed guest accounts.

Functions at a glance

Storing & synchronising

  • 30 GB of free storage space for employees (can be expanded), doctoral candidates and teaching staff
  • 10 GB of free storage space for students
  • Via a client (Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android)
  • Via a browser
  • Via WebDAV
  • Via upload links
  • File history (undo changes) & Trash (restore)
  • Tags and comments

Sharing and publishing

  • Files available to internal & external users and groups
  • Fine-grained access control of libraries, subfolders and files
  • Creation of download links (optionally with password protection and/or a time limit)
  • Updates are instantly available to everyone (in contrast to, for example, email attachments)
  • Automatic notifications of changes via email for registered users
  • Private and public wikis with integrated full-text search capabilities

Internal & external cooperation

  • Joint editing of Office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) in real time
  • Independent management of guest accounts for external users (employees, doctoral candidates and teaching staff)
  • Upload and download links accessible worldwide (optionally with password protection and/or a time limit)

Data protection & security:

  • All servers are operated locally on the basis of the URZ service heiCLOUD.
  • All components are redundantly available several times
  • Encryption of any data transmission
  • Option of encrypting entire libraries
  • Automatic virus scan when uploading via upload links


Knowledge management – full-text search, Office Online and wikis

Text files, PDF files and Office files in unencrypted libraries can be searched using a full-text search function integrated into the web interface. It is also possible to jointly edit Office files with several people via the integrated Office Online. Using tags and comments, files and folders can be marked up and provided with additional information. Using simple documents written in Markdown, it is possible to create private or public wikis accessible worldwide.


Flexible expansion of storage capacities

All employees, doctoral candidates and teaching staff of Heidelberg University have access to 30 GB of free storage space via their Uni-ID. Using the heiBOX price calculator accessible via the web interface, employees can flexibly and comfortably calculate prices and create an email template for a corresponding request. The heiBOX quota is a maximum of 5 TB. Students do not yet have the option of increasing their 10 GB of free storage space.


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