Client backup (backups for work computers)

The URZ offers an object storage service specifically for backing up workplace computers (Windows, Linux, MacOS). The open source software Duplicati presents a suitable option for the backup and recovery of data with object-based storage.

The most important settings in brief for those in a hurry:

  • Storage type: SFTP (SSH)
  • Server:
  • Port: 2222 (only accessible from the university network. Use the VPN if necessary)
  • Username: Uni-ID
  • Password: The matching password.

Please note: Using the object storage is only possible with a Uni-ID and only for employees. An explicit activation of the service is not necessary (any longer).


Frequently asked questions

The terms "backup" and "archiving" are often used synonymously. However, they refer to different types of data storage with very different objectives. Here is a brief overview of the main differences:


  • Storage of current data you need for day to day work (e.g. backup of a hard drive with an operating system) which can be quickly restored if necessary ("hot data").

  • Data is stored incrementally, which means only changes in the individual files are transferred to the system. This saves space and resources.

  • Data is stored in versions, making very fast restoration possible.

  • For this, the URZ offers the Client backup (backup for workplace computers) and Server backup services.


  • Long-term storage of data (such as from administration and research) which remains unchanged ("cold data") for a long period of time (years to decades).

  • Data is stored as a complete, revision-proof package.

  • Data is kept unchanged and generally not stored in more than one version, so restoration takes some time.

  • For this, the URZ offers the Archive - your data preserved! service.


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