3D printing service

The URZ 3D printing service uses a ProJet 460 Plus by 3DSystems to print your study- or research-related 3D model. The printer is equipped with the reliable and economical CJP technology (CJP = ColorJetPrinting = powder plus ink plus binder). We are happy to support and advise you on your design before printing. Our printer supports models up to a construction volume of H20 x L25 x W20 cm and can handle the file formats STL, VRML, WRL, and PLY.

The costs for a 3D model can vary greatly. You can get a cost estimate by sending a message via our contact form. Or simply make an appointment during our usual office hours (Mondays to Fridays, 9:00-12:00).

Phone number: 06221 / 54-20111
Address: 69120 Heidelberg, Im Neuenheimer Feld 292, Raum x004


Supported file formats

The STL format

The STL format (STereoLithography) is the standard export format of many CAD systems and 3D graphics programs. It provides geometric information for three-dimensional data models. These models can only have one colour.

The VRML/WRL format

VRML is a description language, which allows for the modeling of any three-dimensional and multicoloured objects. A VRML file has the extension “.wrl” and can generally be created and edited in a simple text editor.

The PLY format

The Polygon file format, also known as the Stanford Triangle Format, is easy to use and enables the flexible depiction of 3D models. Apart from the geometry of an object, it can also save other data like edges, cells, colour values, or materials.

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