How-toScanning on a Public Printer/Copier

When scanning on a public printer/copier, you can select various options:

  • Scan to Mail (PDF file sent to your email address)
  • Scan to heiBOX (uploaded to heiBOX, only available when logged in with Uni ID)
  • Scan to USB (saved to an inserted USB)

“Scan to Mail” is selected by default.

Scan to Mail

1. To "Scan to Mail", the email symbol must be selected as the scan destination.

How-to: Scanning: Step 1

2. If the directory icon is displayed instead, press it and select the email icon.

How-to: Scanning: Step 2

3. To select a file type, press the file type icon and select one of the file types listed. “PDF file” is selected by default. Further options include "PDF file with automatic text recognition", “Word file” and "Image file (.png)".

How-to: Scanning: Step 3

4. To switch between black/white or color as well as single-sided or double-sided scanning, press the scanner icon with the gear on the right (marked by a yellow square in the image).

How-to: Scanning: Step 4

5. You can now select the desired settings. If you want to change other scan settings, press the “Ricoh” icon. You can then make changes to all the settings available on the Ricoh device .

6. To scan, put the documents to be scanned in the document feeder or place the first page on the glass. Press the green scan symbol. When scanning from the document feeder, all pages will be fed into the device, scanned and saved in a single file after all pages have been scanned.


How-to: Scanning: Step 5/6

7. It is also possible to combine several documents in one file when scanning from the document glass. You can scan the next page by pressing the scan icon with the plus sign (marked by a yellow square in the image) and end the scan process by pressing the check icon.

How-to: Scanning: Step 7

8. Finally, the machine will display the notification that your documents have been sent.

How-to: Scanning: Step 8

Scan to heiBOX

Note: The “scan to heiBOX” functionality will soon be made available.

1. Instead of the email icon, select the directory icon.

2. Then proceed as described in “Scan to Mail” above.

How-to: Scanning: Step 2_1

3. In order to access your scanned documents in heiBOX, log in to heiBOX with the Uni ID used on the scanning device. Click on “Shared with me” to the left under "Files". There you will find a “scanner- your-Uni-ID” library. Your scanned documents are stored in this library. Open it by clicking on it.

Important: If you want to keep the scanned files, save them in a different location. The current storage period is two weeks. If you exit the shared library “scanner- your-Uni-ID” by clicking the the X symbol, the library with all its scanned files will be deleted. The next time you “Scan to heiBOX”, a new library will be created.

How-to: Scanning: Step 3_1

Scan to USB

You can select further scan destinations directly on the Ricoh screen (such as "Scan to USB") by pressing the Ricoh icon.

You can scan documents to a USB stick inserted into the side panel without logging in to the DocuPro server by pressing the button “Print-Scan USB” on the home screen (see first screenshot at the top).