How-toMobile Printing

With the program add-on mobile printing from Ricoh's pull print solution "EveryonePrint", you can forward printouts from mobile devices to the central Ricoh print server and then print them on any public printer/copier within the University system. You can send the print files via the “EveryonePrint” app from “Next Print Solutions” (for iPhone/iPad and Android) and via email.

Printing with the “Everyoneprint” app by “Next Print Solutions” (for iPhone/iPad and Android)

1. Using the app, members of the University can send files directly to the Ricoh print servers via the mobile gateway on their smartphone/tablet. To do so, find and install the “Everyoneprint” app by “Next Print Solutions” from the app store (iTunes or GooglePlay).

How-to: Mobile Printing: Step 1

2. Once the app has been installed, the host address of the mobile gateway ("ricohmobil.uni-heidelberg.de") and the port ("9444") must be configured and saved.

Depending on the version of the app, it may be necessary to enter these into a field (host:port): ricohmobil.urz.uni-heidelberg.de:9444

How-to: Mobile Printing: Step 2

3. Now you have to log in using your Uni ID or project number.

How-to: Mobile Printing: Step 3

​4. The app is now ready to send documents to the server from your smartphone/tablet.

How-to: Mobile Printing: Step 4

Printing via Email

1. To print via email, send an email to


with the file(s) you want to print attached.

2. After sending this email, you will receive an email response prompting you to sign in to the Ricoh print server with the provided link.

Please register with your University email address, e.g. xy123@stud.uni-heidelberg.de and your username (Uni ID, project number) and password.

How-to: Mobile Printing: Step 5

3. When you have been successfully registered, you can log in to the EveryonePrint portal anytime and view your print jobs.


How-to: Mobile Printing: Step 6

4. Here you can either send the print job via email or directly upload it to EveryonePrint at anytme and view its print status.

How-to: Mobile Printing: Step 7