ServiceTelefax Server

Central telefax server for digital faxes

The central telefax server provides paperless faxing for Heidelberg University. Telefaxes can be sent from and received directly on your PC. Especially in the age of wireless communication, faxing can serve as a channel for legally binding communications across the globe.

The central telefax service offers users the ability to receive and send faxes electronically. You can send Office and PDF files as well as short messages through the telefax server web portal. Incoming faxes are sent via email as a PDF. This allows for worldwide accessibility.

Target group

  • University employees


University employees

  • Paperless, electronic sending and receiving of faxes
  • Legally binding communications across the globe

Access and requirements

To use this service, the license must be activated by the telephone representative of the relevant institution. You can also find out more about the one-time licensing fee during this process.