- Your data preserved! Long-term archiving of data

With digital archiving, data is stored in a highly secure and sustainable manner so that it is preserved and accessible for years or even decades. This is especially important for research and administrative data, which often must be retained for an extended period of time for legal reasons or for further reference in future research.

The URZ provides a powerful service for the reliable archiving of data, including on a larger scale and for a longer period of time. Data can be stored there for archiving purposes using the IBM Spectrum Protect (ISP) software. ISP is available for all common operating systems and can be downloaded via the link below.

Target group

  • University employees


University employees

  • Secure and simple archiving of data for years and decades based on an established software solution
  • Long-term storage of research and administrative data to meet legal requirements or to preserve scientific data for further research purposes
  • Data protection ensured through in-house data storage in the University's server rooms.

Access and requirements

The archiving service can be used by employees of Heidelberg University. As this is a fee-based service, it must be assigned to a cost center.

Application and Registration

  1. Access to this service must be applied for each cost center using form A (link in the margin).
  2. You will receive a letter, which we ask you to return to the URZ signed and stamped, declaring you will meet the expenses involved.
  3. In this form you will be given an acronym for your archiving purpose, with which you can register one or several computers for the service via form B. This acronym is used mainly to assign the computers to the cost center.

Technical information

This service is based on the software IBM Spectrum Protect (ISP).


This is a fee-based service. The costs are based on the storage space actually required (see the Storage services price sheet; URZ login necessary) and are invoiced every six months.