ServiceDomain Name Service (DNS)

Central DNS server for the University

The Computing Centre operates the central Domain Name Service for the University. The University DNS manages the association of computer names to IP addresses. Every University computer must be registered to the name server. Some institutes also maintain their own name servers for which the URZ assumes the secondary name service so that queries from outside the University can be answered.

The legal basis for operating the name service as well as the rules according to which the names are to be defined can be found in the supplementary usage regulations of the Administration and Usage Regulations.

Target group

  • IT representatives
  • Network representatives


IT representatives

  • Operation of name servers in their work area, which are linked to the name servers of the Computing Centre (Secondary DNS)

Access and requirements

IT representatives or network officers can request name server records by emailing nameservice@urz.uni-heidelberg.de.

Technical information

The URZ operates two name servers for the domain uni-heidelberg.de with IP address ranges and The primary name server is dns.uni-heidelberg.de with the IP and the secondary name server is dns2.uni-heidelberg.de with the IP

The name servers resolve queries made by computers within the University network either directly or recursively. For computers outside the University network, only queries which directly concern the University's subnetworks or the domain uni-heidelberg.de are addressed.