ServiceHandling Security Incidents

Advice and assistance with security issues at the University

As IT structures across all fields are becoming increasingly complex and important, these structures are also facing growing threats of crime and misconduct. That is why security incidents that threaten the availability, authenticity or integrity of data and systems or cause a loss of confidentiality must be addressed swiftly and effectively. The Computing Centre records and handles all security incidents at the University and offers advice to members and associates of the University on all IT security issues. Our goal is to improve IT security and support you with security questions and security incidents. For this reason, we are very appreciative of any assistance you can give us in this endeavor.

Possible causes of security incidents include:

  • Security flaws in software
  • Targeted hacker attacks
  • Malware such as viruses or Trojans
  • Phishing attempts
  • Misconfigurations, which may enable access to private data
  • User error
  • Inadequate protection of rooms with sensitive hardware or other types of infrastructure
  • Social Engineering (Further information about this can be found, for example, on the BSI website.)

Target Group

  • University members
  • IT representatives


  • Support and advice with IT security incidents

Access and Requirements

If you discover a security-related problem or misuse in one of the University’s IT systems, please report such incidents immediately using the linked web form.

Alternatively, you can also reach us: