Infrastructure-as-a-Service specially tailored for higher education and research institutions.

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Using a dashboard, researchers can create and manage cloud-based IT resources such as virtual machines (VM), storage or network components as needed. While acquiring physical hardware often requires a great deal of time and resources, virtual IT infrastructure can be set up with just a few clicks and customized to fit the individual needs of a specific research project.

All heiCLOUD data is securely stored in the URZ server rooms and can be accessed through the X-WiN research and education network.  heiCLOUD use is charged either by time or resource consumption.

Target group

heiCLOUD is available to all Heidelberg University institutes as well as members of the DFN-Verein as a fee-based IT resource.

  • University employees
  • Researchers
  • Members of the DFN-Verein


IT resources (virtual machines, storage and network components) can be created as needed. These resources are provided by the URZ and are managed and used under the user's responsibility or self-provisioning.

  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) for scientific research by researchers for researchers
  • Fully isolated, freely configurable virtual networks (routers, subnets, public IPv4 addresses)
  • Virtual machines (public or self-created images for Linux/Windows)
  • Flexible block and object storage (from a few GiB to several hundred TiB)
  • Self-management of IT resources via the Dashboard or REST-API
  • Fast and stable connection via the research and education network X-WiN
  • High availability due to uniformly redundant infrastructure
  • High security standards—server rooms on the Heidelberg campus
  • High scalability—cloud increases according with the user's needs
  • Open Source based on OpenStack
  • Freely selectable VM operating systems: Windows, Linux, own images
  • Transparent accounting according to time or resource consumption
  • Available nationwide in the German Research Network for research and education.

Access and requirements

Employees and researchers

A University cost center is necessary for internal university use of heiCLOUD. Private individuals and students cannot use heiCLOUD.
If you would like to use heiCLOUD, have general questions about the service or would like to learn about the underlying pricing model, you can contact the heiCLOUD Team at heicloud@uni-heidelberg.de or visit the website https://heicloud.uni-heidelberg.de/en/.

Members of the DFN-Verein

The Cloud Team offers interested DFN members the opportunity to provide cost inquiries and a small test project. However, before using heiCLOUD, DFN members must first make contractual arrangements with the DFN-Verein. Please take note of the information provided for DFN-Cloud in “Additional information” (especially pages 11-14).

Technical information

A REST-based user interface is available for the administration of heiCLOUD and can be used with the help of a web interface /Dashboard) with various command-line interfaces (CLI) or directly via the corresponding programming interface.



heiCLOUD is a fee-based service provided by the University Computing Centre. heiCLOUD use is charged either by time or resource consumption. A University cost center is required to use this service. You will receive information about the pricing model when you consult with the heiCLOUD Team about using this service.

Billing of chargeable usage parameters occurs on a monthly basis. You will receive the corresponding usage statement. Billing is calculated according to the base prices valid at the time of billing as shown in the price overview. More favorable market prices and scaling effects are expected to lead to lower prime costs in the future, which will then be passed on to our users in the form of correspondingly lower base prices.

Should prices unexpectedly increase, we will inform you of this in a timely manner.  Billing by the URZ as well as payment by the customer will take place on a monthly, quarterly or semi-annual basis, according the prearranged payment schedule. Outstanding invoices are collected at regular intervals under direct debit authorization issued by the cost center manager. In the event of late payment, users will be given a notification and an appropriate payment deadline. If the user fails to make the payment by the deadline, the URZ reserves the right to terminate any provided resources and/or deactivate access.
Any outstanding fees must be paid irrespective of any such action.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for this service can be found on the heiCLOUD website.