DepartmentData Protection at the URZ

The central department for data protection at the university is located within the university administration. It is your first contact point for all questions and concerns on the topic of data protection at the university.

As the university's central IT service provider, the URZ manages numerous IT systems that process personal data, such as the Exchange email system, Moodle and heiBOX. For this reason, it is important that URZ employees are not only trained and sensitized with regard to technical knowledge and IT security, but also with regard to the topic of data protection.

The Department of Data Protection at the URZ only handles internal data protection issues at the University Computing Centre.

As the point of contact for data protection at the University Computing Center, the Department for Data Protection at the URZ works closely with the Department for Data Protection at Heidelberg University and the Data Protection Officer of Heidelberg University on requests for information and deletion of data. 

The Central data protection authority of Baden-Württemberg's universities (Zentrale Datenschutzstelle der baden-württembergischen Universitäten, ZENDAS), which is based in Stuttgart, provides numerous training materials as well as the latest information.

Services for URZ employees

  • Raising awareness through information campaigns and workshops
  • Assisting in the creation of entries of processing activity directories (Verzeichnis der Verarbeitungstätigkeiten, VVT)
  • Creating documents such as the "General TOMs (Technical and Organizational Measures) of the URZ"
  • Preparing data processing agreements (Auftragsverarbeitungsverträgen, AVV) before they are submitted to Heidelberg University's Data Protection Department for review
  • Assisting in the creation of authorization and deletion concepts for use in VVTs
  • Managing VVT and AVV documents

Data protection documents, such as VVT or AVV, which are processed in cooperation with other university institutions or external partners such as the University Hospital, must be drawn up with the Data Protection Department of Heidelberg University due to the legal expertise they require.

Department Head

Dr. Carina Ortseifen

Email: carina.ortseifen@urz.uni-heidelberg.de
Telephone: +49 6221 54-20015