Service AreaFuture IT - Research & Education

The service area Future IT - Research & Education (FIRE) examines new technologies to evaluate their applications for research and use in the computing centre.

Based on these evaluations, FIRE develops innovative services for the university. These activities are conducted in cooperation with students and employees of Heidelberg University, other research institutes, and industry partners in a number of projects.


  • Development, testing and evaluation of new technologies for research and teaching
  • Improvement of computing centre performance through internal research and the evaluation and implementation of new technologies
  • Innovative project work with students, researchers and industry partners
  • Operation of the Heidelberg high-performance computer, support and training for HPC users
  • Purchase and implementation of IT systems for research (supercomputers, storage systems, visualization systems, etc.)
  • Organization of professional exchange events: lectures, workshops, etc.
  • Involvement in trainee supervision and internal training

Service Area Manager

Dr. Martin Baumann

Email: martin.baumann@urz.uni-heidelberg.de
Telephone: +49 6221 54-20020

Dr. Martin Baumann