26 March 2020 - Collaboration and digital teachingVideo conferencing with heiCONF: Secure communication and collaboration

Using the new service heiCONF, users can comfortably and securely hold video and audio conferences in their web browser. Your data remains on the University servers.

Image: Meeting_heiCONF

heiCONF offers the following key features:

  • Audio and video conferencing
  • Chat
  • Screen sharing
  • Sharing presentations, audio and video material
  • Multi-user whiteboards
  • Conference polls
  • Individual configuration of conference rooms

Recording conferences is currently not possible due to data protection concerns.

heiCONF is ideally suited for formal scheduled meetings, lectures and video conferences. For easy one-to-one communication or simple, text-based (group) chats, which do not require functionalities such as screen sharing or a whiteboard, we recommend using the new University instant messaging service, heiCHAT.

Start Using heiCONF today

The web-based service is now available to all employees, doctoral candidates and instructors (Lehrbeauftragte) of Heidelberg University. No special registration is necessary. Simply log in on this page with your Uni ID.

After logging in, you can create and configure virtual meeting rooms and start meetings.

Other participants can easily be invited to a meeting via a link. Participants only need this link to join the meeting, an account is not required. This makes it possible, for example, to have conferences with students and external parties.

You can learn the basic fuctionalities of heiCONF via the introductory How-to in the Service Catalogue. You can also refer to the English tutorials from the underlying open-source software BigBlueButton to get to know its basic features and interface.

Telephone Dial-In

If you do not internet access or your internet access is slow, you can join a conference via telephone. To do this, you will need the telephone number for heiCONF and a PIN. Both can be provided by the meeting organizer, or they can be retrieved at the start of the conference, if the telephone dial-in is activated for the meeting room.

Communication on university servers

heiCONF is made available via the University's cloud infrastructure heiCLOUD. Thus, all data is processed only in the University's server rooms. Even confidential meetings between colleagues or digital consultation hours with students can be conducted securely and in compliance with data protection regulations via heiCONF.

If you have any questions about the new service or encounter any problems, please contact the IT Service. We are looking forward to your feedback!