5. November 2021 - Service announcementSetting up new administrative printers on Windows end devices currently not possible in some cases

*Update* on 20.12.2021

The connection problems caused by PrintNightmare have been fixed by the December patches issued by Windows.
The Microsoft patches must also be installed on the client’s system in order to connect the printers. For more information, please refer to the linked how-to.

At the moment, some Windows users cannot set up the new print server as a printer in their operating system in order to print on the centralized multifunction devices.

This is due to a recent Windows update that was released to fix the PrintNightmare security vulnerabilities in the Windows printer control. The update prevents the print server from being installed on some Windows systems, even for users with administrator rights.  

We are working with the print service provider to resolve the issue and apologize for the inconvenience!