26. April 2023 - Service AnnouncementSDS@hd and bwForCluster Helix currently unavailable

WHAT: Due to an increased number of defective hard disks, we have taken the storage system of SDS@hd and bwForCluster Helix offline to preserve data integrity.

Begin: 25.04.2023, 13:00
End: TBA

bwForCluster Helix

We are working on the hardware issues of the storage system in close and steady contact with the manufacturer to safely bring the system back into production.

Update 05.05.2023:
After installation of the new hard disks, the necessary initialization steps (RAID) and the required internal migrations were started. These should end during the weekend. We expect to be able to reopen services in stages at the beginning of next week (possibly as early as the weekend).

25.04.2023: shutdown of storage systems to preserve data integrity
25.04.2023: log collection for the manufacturer
25-28.04.2023: analysis of logs together with manufacturer
28.04.2023: recommendation from manufacturer to replace large amount of hard drives with specific process
28.04.-01.05.2023: evaluation of the recommended process on selected storage hardware
02.05.2023: support escalation
04.05.2023: hardware work has started
05.05.2023: integration measures are running