Service Announcement - 11 January 2024Renewal of the VPN server environment

The previous VPN servers (vpnsrv0 and vpnsrv1) are replaced by new hardware and virtual servers. The new VPN server environment forms a kind of "cluster" and thus the individual VPN connections are automatically distributed to the various servers. This results in better performance for everyone.

Users generally do not need to make any changes to their clients.

Users who have always connected specifically to vpnsrv0.urz.uni-heidelberg.de or "Uni Heidelberg - vpnsrv0" or vpnsrv1.urz.uni-heidelberg.de or "Uni Heidelberg - vpnsrv1" should please switch to the general entry vpn-ac.uni-heidelberg.de or "Uni Heidelberg - vpn-ac", as the old VPN servers will be decommissioned after a transition period.