25 May 2020 - Collaboration and digital teachingheiCONF: New rules for room links and access codes

Two updates now increase security for heiCONF rooms and heiCONF-Audimax lecture halls.

  • When a new room is created, a random combination of letters and numbers completely independent from the username is generated for the room link. It used to be possible - albeit with a considerable amount of effort - to guess the room link of certain people. Longer room IDs that no longer contain any information about the user mean that this is no longer possible.
  • Another improvement is a change in room access codes. Instead of six numbers, they will now be comprised of five words in the form of a made-up phrase. This higher level of password complexity provides greater security for rooms.

Any currently existing room codes will remain in effect, which means there will be no access issues for events that have already been scheduled.

Nevertheless, we recommend using a new room as well as updated room access code for meetings with higher security requirements.