Heidelberg University uses the LSF software to provide the Heidelberg University LSF portal, a central information system that offers details on courses and lectures, departments, facilities, and university members.

The LSF portal is hosted and updated by the URZ. It consists of the modules QISSOS, which is used for editing certain student data, and QISPOS, which is used by students for managing their exams. The LSF portal is supported by GX tools that enable departments and the Student Administration Office to edit all processes necessary for the various courses of study. The URZ has extended the functionality of LSF and the GX modules with various custom code additions.

Currently, 600 people of all institutes are authorized to modify seminars, lectures and personnel data in the LSF. The URZ assists them with training sessions and phone support.

The information provided by the LSF can be accessed without logging in. To edit data, certain editor roles can be assigned to a Uni-ID. Students can login to the system with their Uni-ID to access more detailed information about their studies.


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