IT security incidents and abuse

The URZ is the central service partner for inquiries about IT security and is responsible for the handling of all IT security incidents at Heidelberg University. We continuously monitor important services in order to repel attacks and avoid abuse. The responsible administrators are immediately informed about irregularities in our systems and are therefore able to investigate incidents and to rectify problems. The URZ regularly publishes information about significant security flaws and provides appropriate recommendations.
Because IT structures have become more and more complex and important in all areas, the various threats to these structures have also increased in number.  Security incidents which threaten the availability, authenticity or integrity of data and systems, or which cause the loss of confidentiality have to be handled quickly and efficiently.

Security incidents are (usually) caused by:

  • software security flaws
  • targeted hacker attacks
  • malware like viruses or trojans
  • phishing attempts
  • misconfigurations which, for example, enable access to confidential data
  • misbehavior of users
  • insufficient protection of rooms containing critical hardware or infrastructure



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