Domain Name Service (DNS)

The URZ maintains Heidelberg University‘s central Domain Name Service (DNS). The university network’s DNS manages the allocation of computer names to IP addresses. Every university computer has to be registered in the name server.

In addition, some institutes maintain their own name server. For these institutes, the URZ controls the secondary name server so that requests from outside the university can be answered. If computers within the university network make requests to the name servers, they are directly or recursively answered by these servers.

Requests from computers outside the university network are only answered if they directly concern the university's sub-networks or the domain

For information on the legal basis for the operation of the name service as well as the rules which determine the names, please refer to the additional use regulations of the Administration and Use Regulations (German).

For the domain, the URZ operates two name servers with the IP number ranges and with the IP is the primary name server and with the IP is the secondary name server.

IT or network supervisors can request name server entries via an email to

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