URZ Department for Data Protection

The URZ Data Protection department deals with all concerns related to data protection at the University Computing Centre.

This involves close collaboration with the university's data protection supervisor Christoph Wassermann, the university department for data protection, as well as the central data protection authority of Baden-Württemberg's universities (German acronym: ZENDAS).


  • Assisting in the development of deletion methods
  • Assessment of and assistance in the development of authorisation concepts
  • Testing the permissibility of data transmission
  • Assisting in the preparation of processing activity directories (German acronym: VVT) and contracts for data processing assignments (formerly ADV).


URZ Website Data Protection Notices

  1. Privacy policy of the website in general
  2. Data protection in university's networks including VPN, Wi-Fi, LAN, DHCP and the RADIUS server
  3. Géant eduroam privacy policy page

Legal Basis

  1. State data protection law (LDSG, 12.06.2018)
  2. EU General Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO, EU-Verordnung 2016/679)
  3. Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG, 30.06.2017)
  4. EU Charter of Fundamental Rights (2010/C 83/02)



Department Head