SoftwareSAS und JMP

Statistical assessment and analysis of data

SAS is a software for the statistical evaluation and analysis of data, similar to IBM SPSS Statistics, Stata and R. The best way to get started with the program is with the point and click environments SAS Studio or SAS Enterprise Guide. Experienced users generally prefer the programming capabilities of the system via editor windows. The strength of this software lies in its numerous interfaces for database applications and its (nearly) unlimited capability to process large amounts of data - Big Data.

JMP software is a tool that focuses on explorative data analysis and visualization. JMP Genomics is specifically intended for genomic data analysis.

The University has its own campus contract with SAS Institute, through which rental licenses are available. The following components are included in this contract.

  • SAS Educational Analytical Suite
    with Base SAS, SAS/STAT, SAS/GRAPH and many more modules for Windows desktop and servers well as Linux
  • JMP Statistical Software
    for Windows and MacOS
  • JMP Genomics
    for Windows and MacOS

The license costs are primarily borne by both medical faculties in Heidelberg and Mannheim, the Institute of Sociology, the ZI Mannheim and the URZ.

Target group

  • Employees (at the faculties/institutions participating in the campus license)
  • Students (at the faculties/institutions participating in the campus license)



  • Data analysis with comprehensive statistical methods
  • Data processing and optimization
  • Forecasting and simulations


Access and requirements

The software is stored on the Windows drive \\netfilem.ad.uni-heidelberg.de\apps in the folder SAS_SW as a software repository for the contact persons of the participating institutions (only accessible within the University network).

The software may be used in research (non-commercial) and teaching ("T&R use"), in particular in the classroom and for conducting courses. If you plan to use the software for commercial or administrative purposes, please contact the IT Service.

Use of the software at home (home use option) and distribution of the software to students through the faculty is permitted.

Due to obligatory documentation, the URZ requires the contact persons at the participating institutions to keep a list of all installations as well as the names of home users and students who are using the software.

Technical information

SAS has versions available for Windows and Linux; JMP has Windows and MacOS versions.


Can I validate my SAS installation?

In the context of clinical trials, you are often required to validate the software being used. 
The URZ cannot validate your installation, but there are two tools provided with the SAS software that allow you to do so:
•    SAS Installation Qualification Tool 
•    SAS Operational Qualification Tool (SAS/OQ) 

The documentation for this can be found in the User's Guide under "How-tos".

Under certain circumstances an error may occur with SAS/OQ if German was installed in addition to the default English language environment (in our tests the problem occurred with the program tstssm01.sas located in the ets folder). This is because the German environment is used when accessing the program and the procedure SSM generates German-language variable names, which do not match the English-language comparison results. In this case, you need to modify the Config file sasv9.cfg accordingly (change \de\ to \en\).