Comprehensive geographic information solution for working with spatial data

ArcGIS, from the company ESRI, is a cross-sector geoinformation solution for collecting, editing, organizing, analyzing and presenting spatial data. The spectrum of possible uses ranges from simple information systems on the web to complex specialized applications. ArcGIS is the collective term for a comprehensive family of products in the field of geoinformation systems. The different products complement one another and can be divided according to application type into Desktop GIS, Server GIS, Mobile GIS, Online GIS and Esri Data.

Target group

  • Students
  • University employees (from participating institutes)

Currently participating institutes:

  • Institute of Geography
  • Institute of Earth Sciences
  • Alfred Weber Institute of Economics (AWI)
  • Institute of Political Science (IPW)
  • Heidelberg Institute of Global Health (HIGH) 


  • Creating and using maps
  • Compiling geographical data
  • Analyzing map information
  • Sharing and exploring geographic information
  • Using maps and geographic information in a wide range of applications
  • Managing geographic information in a database

Access and requirements

If you are eligible for a license, you can obtain all necessary information and downloads from the URZ by contacting the IT Service. 

The software is permitted for use in relation to university teaching, research and administration (e.g. facility management, campus administration). Use of this software is restricted to computers owned by the University or University employees. Use of this software, data, documentation and internet services in any form for commercial purposes is prohibited.