Video conferences

The URZ offers a videoconferencing service for all university institutions. Users can choose between the following options:

  • the HD video conference equipment LifeSize Room at the URZ. (H.323 standard, 1-x participants, for bigger conferences)
  • Video conferences via WebCollaboration at your desk, using the university's telecommunication infrastructure
  • Video conferences via Adobe Connect at your desk, using the DFN infrastructure

The video conference equipment LifeSize Room

Upon prior registration, video conferences can be held with the permanently installed video conference equipment LifeSize Room in HD quality at the University Computing Center.

The equipment is not only able to communicate through the video conference protocols H.323 or SIP, but also to transmit video images in high definition (HD). In addition, the equipment uses the modern video codec H.264, which makes HD transmissions upward from 1,5 megabits per second possible. Conferences that are carried out by us are usually held at a higher data rate (6 Mbps), resulting in exceptional image clarity. Here, high definition means that 720p signals are transmitted with a resolution of 1280x720 pixels.

Multipoint conferences with more than two participants can be held with our equipment and the video conference technology of the Deutsche Forschungsnetz ("German Research Network"). LifeSize Room is equipped with a Multipoint Control Unit (MCU) which enables a conference to be held between up to four video or six audio participants.

In addition, LifeSize Room is also equipped with the sharing technology H.239 so that multimedia content like PowerPoint presentations or videos can be played. With this technology, presentations are transmitted via an independent video and audio channel. The equipment consists of the transmission codec, a remote controllable HD video camera, and a highly sensitive table microphone. If the remote is defective, the equipment can also be controlled through the microphone.

Moreover, the video conference equipment also includes a 52 inch LCD monitor for the transmission of video, and a HD ready projector for presentations.


You can book the video conference room via the IT service portal. We recommend performing a test conference 2-3 days before the actual video conference takes place. Please note that you also need to make an appointment for the test conference.


Institutes can book the conference room twice a semester for free. You have to pay the following rates per video conference:

Basic version (video and audio transmission):

75 euros for the test conference, the conference start and one video conference hour. 50 euros for each additional hour.

Professional version (video and audio transmission as well as data sharing through laptops):

150 euros for the test conference, installation of a laptop connection (you need to bring your own laptop), presentation start, conference start and one video conference hour. 75 euros for each additional hour.

The duration of the video conference is recorded automatially.

Is the video conference equipment compatible with Skype?

No, the propriety solution Skype does not have an interface to the international video conference standard H.323 which is used  by our equipment.

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