How-toheiBOX: Wikis

This how-to is a supplement to the heiBOX Introduction. In the following, you will learn all you need to know about creating private and public wikis. Here, you can see an overview of the content overview:

  • General information
  • Managing a library as a wiki
  • Private wikis
  • Public wikis

General Information

Seafile enables the use of libraries as wikis. Wiki pages are written in Markdown (file extension .md), a simple markup language to ensure cross-platform compatibility. Markdown files store text, table and graphic information. You can also add links to other documents in a markdown file. We recommend using the column view to manage wikis. This allows you to browse and easily move files and folders by dragging and dropping them.

Since Seafile wikis have been implemented as standard libraries, they can be synchronized and shared with other users or groups just like any ordinary library, e.g. for an internal group wiki.

A comprehensive markdown overview can be found via the external link on the right. (PDF).

Managing a Library as a Wiki

Collecting and storing structured data in an easy-to-use fashion – that is what Seafile’s wikis are for. Wiki pages are written in Markdown (MD), a simple markup language, to ensure cross platform compatibility. MD files store textual, tabular as well as graphical information; You can also add links to other documents in a Markdown file.

You can manage a standard library in Seafile like a wiki with the “Column View” introduced in 7.0 version. Since Seafile implements wikis as standard Seafile libraries, they can be synced and shared with other users just like any ordinary library.

Screenshot: heiBOX:Wikis_Step1

Private Wikis

Column View

Wikis usually have a side bar containing a tree-like folder structure to enable quick-and-easy browsing of wiki pages. Seafile's Column View allows you to manage the files in a library in the same way as a wiki space. Users can browse and move files and folders just by dragging and dropping. File actions such as renaming, moving and opening via client are available in a right-click-accessible context menu.

Screenshot: heiBOX:Wikis_Step2

Public Wikis

ATTENTION: Public wikis are accessible worldwide over the Internet!

Employees and PhD candidates can publish libraries worldwide as wikis. To create publicly accessible wikis, please follow these steps:

1. Click on "Published Libraries".

Screenshot: heiBOX:Wikis_Step3

2. Click the “Publish a Library” button in the upper menu.

3. In the dialog box, select the library you want to publish and click the “Submit” button. Published Libraries](../pics/published_libraries.png "Published Libraries")

The left side menu can be customized via a file called "index.md", the content of the home page should be in the file "home.md". Both files must be placed directly in the root directory of the library.

Screenshot: heiBOX:Wikis_Step4