How-toheiBOX: Guest Users

This how-to is a supplement to the heiBOX Introduction. In the following, you will learn all you need to know about using heiBOX as a guest user, creating guest accounts and inviting guests. Here, you can see the content overview:

  • General information
  • Rules for guest users
  • Invite guests and delete a guest account
  • Create your guest account

General Information

All employees, PhD candidates and students of Heidelberg University automatically have access to heiBOX. However, the accounts are created upon the first login.

Therefore, employees, PhD candidates and students of the University who have never logged into heiBOX, do not (yet) exist in the system. Please do not send guest invites to these users! Simply ask them to log in to heiBOX for the first time. After login, you can group-invite or share files with these users as usual.

Please also note the general instructions for sharing and inviting, especially that invitations and sharing should always be done using the user's Uni ID, i.e. by inviting UniID[at]uni-heidelberg.de.

Rules for Guest Users

Only employees and PhD candidates can invite Guests.

Guests cannot create their own libraries or files. However, libraries can be shared with guests, and they can be given reading and/or writing permissions. Sharing a library with Read-Write permissions allows guests to upload files to the shared library. These files use the storage quota of the owner of the library.

Guest accounts are regularly checked for activity. Old accounts are deleted after one year. Owners are notified by email before deletion.

Using heiBOX for private purposes is prohibited.

Invite guests and delete guest accounts

1. Log in to heiBOX

2. Find “Invite People” in the side menu under the Tools section.

3. Click on "Invite People". This will open a new dialog box.

Screenshot: heiBOX:GuestUsers_Step2

4. Enter the email addresses you want to invite. It is possible to invite multiple guests at the same time by separating additional email addresses with a comma. Please do not create guest accounts for students and employees. See “heiBOX: Introduction/ (Encrypted) Libraries/ Notes on invitations and sharing” for more information.

5. Invited guests are sent an email with a link to create their guest account.

6. If you would like to delete a guest account that you have created: Guest accounts created before 08/2019 can be removed upon request by sending an email to the IT Service. All other guests can be deleted autonomously under “Invite people” -> “Revoke Access”.

Create Your Guest Account

1. After being invited by a University employee, you will receive an email from: heibox[at]uni-heidelberg.de with an invite link for heiBOX.

2. Follow the link to set a password for your guest account.

3. To log in to the web interface of heiBOX, please follow the instructions in "heiBOX: Introduction/ Login - Web Interface". To log in using a desktop client, please see "heiBOX: Introduction/ Login - Desktop Client".

Screenshot: heiBOX:GuestUsers_Step3